Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Great return of the hair! and all else that happened during that time

I’m so glad to have my own hair back. It only took about 7 hours of untwisting and two hours of brushing… but I did it. This was our before picture (Joy got her hair done too, you'll see it in the end)

It was quite a process. Joy and Rebecca worked on me first and did like the whole bottom half of my head. I helped too but I had to work on the front because it was way too hard for me to work on the back, everything just felt like giant knots (which they probably were) and I couldn’t tell what was going on. So yeah, Joy and Rebecca were awesome.

Oh but before they started helping me take out my hair we ate jack fruit. A LOT of Jack fruit.
I attempted to help cut it but as soon as I grabbed the knife this random school boy that has never been to our house before stole the knife from me and cut it himself. It’s not because he was trying to be helpful, he just wanted a piece of it and by cutting it for us he was allowed to have a piece. So that’s me with my sad rejected by the jack fruit face with the boy cutting it instead. They wouldn’t even talk to us either, they were strange.
But then the next day (Friday) we had an ATR field trip to a mosque. Well, they said it was to a mosque but it was really to a Muslim nursery classroom where we got to sit in yet another lecture. The classroom had tons of posters on the walls and stuff, like any normal preschool classroom, but this one had the best poster of all. It was titled, dangerous objects and then had pictures of razor blades, broken bottles, knives, barbed wire and things. It was hilarious.
But I untwisted some more hair on the way to and from there. I didn’t do too much because that giant bus we were on made me nauseous, and I don’t usually get car sick.
Here's me about half done! I cut the braids to my length of hair so it would be faster to untwist. I actually liked it alot better this lengh, and this thickness.
Then we had our missionary dinner! It was so much fun. And Abigail and Deanna helped untwist my hair on the way to that. It was so much fun. We ate American food. Pasta, both meat sauce and alfredo sauce. Broccoli salad. Bread sticks. And for desert. It was beautiful. Two plates of this like peanut butter and chocolate goodness. It was beautiful. We all ate ourselves sick. Which made the ride home and that night painful, but to make up for our pain we sang the whole way back so it was tons of fun. Just awesome.

So at this point my hair is like ¾ done. It’s now Saturday. I earned some major community engagement for this one. I was definitely uncomfortable and engaged. I had a little five year old, cute little Maureen, decided she wanted to help me take out my hair. I mean, she did an okay job, she did remove some twists. But there was just so much tangling and ripping and desiring her desiring to use the scissors… It made me nervous. I wasn’t sure if I’d have any hair left from the side she was working on.
But that didn’t really matter much because when I bathed all my hair fell out anyway.

This is me right after all the twists came out with the pile of hair that used to attached to my head.
It was massive.

This is me after I dry brushed it to try to get out a bunch of the not attached hair and tangles.

It was huge.

Then I washed it (an hour long splash bath). And it all fell out :( My hair is like half as thick now. You would be making a sad face too if it happened to you.
It was seriously just falling out by the handful. It’s a good thing I had enough hair for ten people before this because now I’ve got just enough for myself. I was afraid there was going to be nothing left. Sorry, I was thinking of maybe doing this again before I came home so you could all see it, but yeah, I can’t strip my hair that much again, I’ll go bald if I do. But it was fun. It really made me appreciate my own hair. I missed it, even it's shortness.

Here's all of us with our new hair! Joy and Elija chopped their off (eventhough Elija's didn't change much) and mine back to normal! I tried taking this picure like three times before and was always either copping off the tops of our head or cutting mine in half. Joy conquered on her first try.

And now me and Enoche! He didn't get a hair cut but he did just get circumcized. Which involves a much more serious cut. Poor guy, but he's a trooper.


  1. Im surprised you took it out so soon! I was hoping you'd keep it til you got home, but that's okay. Love you, Sister.

  2. Harlin. you are crazy white girl! haha, you rocked that hair. i think you should do it again before you come home, though i dont want you to end up bald..