Friday, August 28, 2009

Update from Uganda!!! My first entry!! We just got our computers back today, they had them for a while to enter in the internet codes on them. And yeah, my whole video entry ideas, I really don't think that's going to happen anymore, the internet is super slow here, it takes long enough just to send a written message. The people are so friendly here. I don't know why, nut I was expecting everyone to know english really well because it's the national language... so so wrong. They speak Luganda so much better. I'm learing a few things, and most of my family knows english, but with their accents, it's still very hard to understand. But it's fun. And guess what mom and dad... I really like the food!! I bet you would never ever had expected that =) but it's actually very good.
Nicole, I really hope you read this, I'm living with your family!! It's amazing. I'm still getting used to the whole, spash bath and squatty potty. Maybe next time when I have more time to write, I'll go into further details but I'll give you a little story as a tester =)
So, the squatty potty... it was our first night in with our host family. I hadn't really unpacked much stuff and didn't really know where anything was either. Our toilet is outside in this stone type building (bathrooms are where you bathe, the toilet is for what we would call 'going to the bathroom') It was really dark, which means the stone walls of our squatty potty (aka, cement floor with a rectangular whole in the floor that you squat over and go) so I didn't really want to go and tried to hold it.... bad idea. I got to the point where I thought I was going to pee my pants so when I decided to just go I couldn't find my headlamp and so I just had to like run out there in complete darkness and the noises of African night, feel for the squatty potty hole and pray that there weren't any other animal or bugs in there with me and go. Yeah, basically I always know where my headlamp is now. Oh and on top of all that, I had to go back out there again because i accidently left the toilet paper out there and I had to go get it. I found my headlamp for that though and then noticed that the floor was covered with these huge ants. Like bigger than I've ever seen before. It was creepy. There are a lot of noises in Africa, last night Joy (my amazing roommate) were serenaded to sleep by some African party, there music just echos all through, it was kind of cool. I hope we get to go to an African party sometime.
Tomorrow we leave for Rwanda and I won't get back until next sunday, so there won't be an entry for awhile. Much love from your Mizungu (I probably spelled this wrong, but it means white person, we get called that a lot, especially when they want us to buy something or give them money)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Video Entry #1

Well guys, I hope you can hear me =) And I'm also slightly concerned... this video is taking forever to upload here at my house, where we have really fast internet... that means it's probably going to take EVEN LONGER when I have slow Uganda internet. There might not be as many videos as I was hoping for if they take this long to do, but I'll do my best.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

No faith in me =)

For the longest time this trip has seemed so far in the distance that it was just something I was going to do, not something I would actually be doing. But now tomorrow I take my first malaria pill, which means I'm just a week away from leaving, which is exciting but scary at the same time. I've never even been out of the country before, it's hard to imagine that in eight days I will be in Africa. It's crazy how fast this summer has gone too, I feel like i barely did any of the things I wanted to. But I guess when I really think about it I did some pretty cool stuff like buying a car! I have finally decided what I am going to do for my host family though, with some help from Nicole =) I'm going to make a picture frame that comes with a scripture verse on it. Something that reminds me of this trip, but I was slightly insulted. As I was just looking through my Bible right now for a verse for the frame, all the verses I came across were about eating joyfully whatever you are served, like:
"Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising question."
" If some unbeliever invites you to a meal and you want to go, eat whatever is put before you without raising questions of conscience."
and even more!! I was like 'wow God, so little faith in me. I was planning on eating everything I was served, I might not have asked for seconds, but I would have eaten in politely'. I guess the extra reminder didn't really hurt, but I did find it very ironic that those would be the random sections I looked through. God is so funny like that =)
There is one quote that I'm kind of leaning towards though, if I don't use it for the gift I will definitely have it written down somewhere in my things. It's not a Bible verse, but a quote from a book I read a while back.

"Security is not found in the absence of danger, but in the presence of Jesus."

I just really like that one. But I still have some time so I'll keep looking.
On another note, it's just amazing how I keep thinking I have everything I need for this trip and then all of a sudden realize I forgot to buy socks. And then I realize I don't have sunblock, or Tylenol. I don't think I'll ever have everything. Speaking of that, I just realized I need to buy a slip. It just never ends. I am very impressed though by how well everything is fitting into my suitcase so far. I might not be saying that on the final packing day, but so far, so good. I also have to thank my mother and sister for letting me steal some of their clothes, knowing that there is a good chance they might not ever come back.

I think for my next entry I will test out my video feature, so I don't get there and realize I have no idea how to work it. Well, I better go, I got distracted in my search for a verse by all the food stuff, and I think I should get back to it now.

Mweraba! (that means farewell in Luganda)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Money Money Money

I just got my first credit card! ...scary.... =) Now if someone steals my stuff, they'll get a credit card too... but I hear it's much safer than a debit card. Just eleven more days!! I'm so excited!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pre Uganda Preparations

Uganda is only 17 days away! I'm super excited but insanely nervous at the same time. I never realized how much preparation would have to be put into this. But I'm sure it will all be worth it. I have purchased more long skirts and batteries this summer than I thought ever necessary, I also bought the ugliest pair of sandals known to man, but whatever, I guess you could say they have character. I am now in pursuit of a "beautiful" long old fashioned grandma styled nightgown... it should be interesting. I'm insanely excited and horribly broke! And I really hope I get approved for the student credit card. This trip is going to be amazing!