Tuesday, November 17, 2009

American Food!

Okay, so last Saturday Joy and I made dinner for our family. Chicken and rice soup with mashed potatoes. Joy was the expert soup maker, and I just did what she told me. And please, don't be jealous of our cooking area. I chopped and peeled a lot. But the soup was so good. It had chicken in it (chicken that you could just eat, you didn’t have to pick through bones or fat… beautiful) rice, lots of carrots,
celery, onion, green beans, turnips, potatoes, garlic, and I’m probably missing something, but that’s all I can remember. And then the mashed potatoes, so good. I was really impressed by how well they mashed considering our mashing tool was a like ladle strainer thing. I’m just glad I didn’t break it. But yeah, as Joy held Enoche during his circumcision cleaning process, I finished the mashed potatoes. Garlic and Blue Ban, that’s what we added to it. It was actually a lot better than I was expecting, Blue Ban adds a pretty good flavor actually to mashed potatoes.
But yeah, so I’m not really sure if our family liked it. I don’t think Rebecca liked it (this is her), but she’s really hard to read… kind of moody. But it was just funny because to them soup is not a main dish it’s like the sauce that goes on top. So they would pile their plate high with mashed potatoes and then put a little of the soup (the good part, with all the nutrition and flavor) on top. I don’t know if it’s because they just didn’t like the soup or they thought it looked gross. It did look kind of strange because the rice got kind of overcooked, but I thought it still tasted great. It had flavor. I found it funny because they talked about how IMME student’s food in the past has been flavorless, but I find African food rather flavorless and redundant. I love different perspectives. I think American food has tons of flavor. So yeah, it was a fun night. It took us like 4 hours to make. Oh and we also got a pineapple for desert so there would be at least something they liked.
As we cooked Elijah and Rebecca told us all the idioms they knew. They knew a lot. Some of them I had heard of and some of them were completely new. It was fun.
There was so much soup left over. It kind of made me sad, I would have liked to eat it again, especially since we’ve been only having matoke and g-nut quite often. Joy and I think that because we stopped eating it they are forcing us by making it our only option… but that’s probably not the case. But seriously, apparently matoke is really acidic and bad for people with stomach problems, which is why we stopped eating it… but nope. We must continue.

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  1. I think it's funny that they didn't know how to eat soup--and all this time I thought soup was a universal cultural dish.
    Well I'm so excited that you're learning to cook. Can't wait to try some new dishes!
    Te extrano!